19 September 2011


Hello everybody! I've been away for days and it feels like ages! I missed this place.

I have no computer at home at the moment. Yeah, really sucks. The guys where I work are trying  to rescue anything from my hard drive after the virus attack. I'm crossing my fingers on that. All I have is the office computer, but I only work from monday to thursday, so that leaves me three and half days without computer. Adding to that I'm over my head with work, and the time I have on this computer is not enough for all I have to do.

Anyways, I  had some fun days this past week. I've left the dark side! So, I thought I would give you an update of what I've been up to lately.

First there was that game...

I cannot begin to describe how it was to be in a stadium that full! More than sixty thousand people! And hearing the champions league music as the players get in the field was unique.

Can you tell how close we were from the field? We were on the third row, it was fabulous watching the players that close. It looks so different from what we see on the TV! Everything was amazing, too bad it ended in a tie. But well, not so bad, we were facing Manchester United and we got to scream GOAL!

After that there was a day with the boy staying with me in town, where I work, with lots of weird stuff happening such as we almost ending up sleeping in the street.

And then, there was a wedding we attended, which was lovely...

all photos by us


  1. I am crossing my fingers so you recover as much as possible from your computer. I am glad you've been having a nice time. I am not such a football fan but I have to say the ambiance around it is always fun specially in the world cup and so, or if you really live it. I have to say I got a little bit the Barca bug from living there. Oh and you attended a wedding. Love your outift. Cute ande 50's-ish

  2. Oh, I hope everything is resolved soon. I panic if I'm without a computer for a day (shameful, I know!)

    These are amazing pictures!! Love the ones of the players, and you, of course, look stunning!

  3. I have been brought up on football thanks to my Daddy, a massive Manchester United fan, so I was quite happy when man u scored.

    And I love the dusty pink colour of your skirt, very beautiful.

  4. weird stuff ay? sounds good, or not? lol

    glad you're back online.

  5. Amanda, when I was in Barcelona the moment I said I'm portuguese the only thing I would hear as response was "Portugal! Figo!". Yep, those guys are really nuts about football. :)

    Amanda B., I'm slowly recovering from my computer addiction. Hubby don't think the same, though.

    Lottie, :) I saw that goal right in front of me and I wanted to hit the players. Kind of obvious I was not happy with it. ;)

    Monica, don't even start me... :) if I tell you that at one point I was sitting on a garden bench and hubs was literally sleeping in my lap, at 3 AM! you get the point.

  6. just for the record, we were not drunk.


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