13 September 2011

Time to overcome

Yesterday I got here a bit bitter, that's the result of being forced to stay away. I still am a little, I confess. Sometimes it gets hard to overcome those pieces of rage growing inside ourselves. I'll get there, till then I'll still be wanting to send malware developers to the moon with a kick in the butt. Well, I gess that's a thing I'll never be able to change.

I'm looking forward to know if it will be possible to recover anything the damn virus deleted, in the mean time there will be a few things happening that I hope (I'm sure) will cheer me up. On saturday there will be another wedding of two dear friends of us (and I still don't know what will I wear... Oh, well, I'll think of something) and I'm hoping it will be a fun happy day. But first, tomorrow, we've got tickets to the game!! Oh my, I can't wait!

photo by Gabriel (thank you!) took on another friend's wedding


  1. Viruses can seriously wreak havoc - you have every right to be bitter!! I hope it's resolved quickly with very minimal damage.

    Have a great time at the game! I've only been to baseball games, but they're fun, too!

  2. Oh, I would love to watch a baseball game, you know, there's nothing like that here... Looks fun!

  3. Have an amazing weekend, you deserve it after the virus. And thank you for your comments particularly the last one. Means so much xxx

  4. I hope you recover everything. Also, you both look super good in that picture. Enjoy the game.
    And yes, I know all about being tired, grumpy. Have to fight it.... is funny how our brains just get messed up when they've had too much. Not fun.

  5. I feel your pain, and I love your photo. . cancels out the rubbish. keep smiling love x


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