if... stands for Ines & Francisco.

I'm Ines, a Portuguese designer, in love with vintage things and amazed with the possibility to transform old/ugly/unused things and make them beautiful.

The husband is a passionate for nature, studding and working in forestry.

We've known each other since we can remember but never really known one another. Till one day. We talked we lafted... and did not wanted to stop talking. Time had stopped. Then we wondered... what if?... Can this be? And that was how it happened.

Now we know our hearts where meant to be together.

After the adventure of a DIY wedding things just couldn't be the same. Can you believe my forest engeneer husband is now a handy crafter?

Here we share the love of creating unique special pieces for gifts, home decoration, weddings and parties...

Tell us your story and how can we help you!

if... there are so many possibilities...
what if... we put a little love in everything we do?

if... from inês & francisco to you
Unique pieces, made with love. That's what we do.

gifts ... party decorations ... wedding decoration, favors and invitations ... graphic design ...

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