24 November 2010

the first step into a new life... what if..?

As life goes on, step by step... love comes and changes everything.
After searching, falling and almost giving up... I found it. Oh yes I did! THAT love... the kind that changes your life, and changes you as a human being, in such a way that there's no turning back. (I'll tell this story some other day)
So we decided to take the big step, even though we haven't  the perfect conditions, but... when will we really? And what are those? Well paid jobs? Big house and car?
How about true love? Real partnership and the strength to accomplish together everything we fight for?
I think that is just about perfect.
So, this is a very new start in our lives. Come back to see all about our DIY wedding and all about decorating our first little home, the apartment we've just rented.
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