15 June 2013

Here I am

For some weird reason all I can focus in my head right now is Bryan Adams's voice. Maybe I should change the title of this post...

It's been long since the last time I've been here. (Has it really been more than a year?!) I mean, really here, not those times I wandered around, reading old messages, looking at the pictures... I could say a lot about what's been going on, maybe one day I will, or maybe I won't, I don't know. Right now I just feel like coming back to this home and start over. Some how it feels right, and one should only do what feels right, no? I guess so.

So here I am. Feels good to be here. Did some some cleaning and redecorating around the place, and it feels like a fresh start. I will not make promises of any kind. I will just be. Here. For as long as it feels right. Hope there's someone out there to hear me out.

What changed? Nothing really. The sun will continue to come up and go down just the same, and that's ok, as long as I don't let it come down on me (what's with me today and lame music references?). Even when it feels hard, we always need some light in our hearts and that's exactly what I need right now. Beautiful, warm and comforting sunlight!

all photos by me

11 April 2012


Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I'm ok, in case you're wondering. (thank you for thinking about me!)

So... I planned lots of things for the Easter days but ended up doing none. Oh well, what's new? Hum... oh, I got the flu, that wasn't planned at all! So I guess I can say there were some new things happening, like coughing, sneezing and headaches...

One thing I had on my plans was to share my pictures for La Vuelta al Mundo, which I totally blew. March's theme was YELLOW, such a happy color, right? So, here they are, anyway.

all photos by me

23 March 2012

Traveling :: Kusadasi, Turkey

When we decided to start our honeymoon on a cruise ship we knew that it would allow us to go to a lot of diferent places, but we would not have much time to spend in each one. We stayed at Kusadasi no more than 8h, but it was enough for us to love it! Well, you see... there were Turkish baths followed by massage, cold drinks while sitting on cushions under olive trees...

There where sunny terraces facing the sea, and real beer, yes real beer! As oposed to that weird spanish thing they gave us on boat, this one tasted like angels drink! And look, how happy we looked just to have a ice cold beer on a hot summer day!

There were delicious turkish snacks, one I even learned to make at home, and turkish delights in all kinds of flavours! We only tasted a few, for our health's sake, but I can say coconut and pistachio were really yummy. Oh, and there were roasted corn cobs sold on the streets.

There were charming street markets, and warm kind people, and rug stores, everywhere, and beaches and castels and bird houses! Believe me, we would gladly stay longer, even if just to touch the sand with our feet, and lay on that blue ocean we only got to look at.

all photos by me

22 March 2012

A pause to play... Noa

So, Spring is here. Did I mention I love the seasons change? I love them all, each one on it's proper time, but I'm most definitely a warm weather kind of person. What can I say? Sun light makes people happy! So, makes sense that I share with you music that makes me happy.

For some reason Noa's music always feels like spring to me. It's joyful and bright and almost looks like her songs have colors. Cheerful colors. The way she sings in her Israeli accent... Oh, and her whistle really looks like the chirping of a bird!

I was part of the cast of a musical show for 3 years, it was a fantastic experience with special people. The worst part always was dismantling everything on the stage after the performances, but it was nevertheless the funniest, because we were relaxed, all stress gone. The sound sistem was always the last to go down, so that we could have music as we worked. That's how I heard Noa the first time. That record did many shows with us and all those memories come to mind when I hear it.

I can only say that her music is pure beauty, specially this album produced by the great Pat Metheny. And, now that I've shared with you a bit more of the soundtrack of my life, I invite you to make a pause to play it! As usual I give you a live performance, well two, as there are two songs for you to listen. Make a pause, it's worth it! And a good Spring to you all!

Songs: Child of man, I don't know
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