20 June 2011

Weekend at the beach

Well, not really, but that's what we hoped for.

Last week we felt like camping again. We haven't done it in a long time, I mean... not since the wedding almost a year ago (yes! a year in a few days!!).

Since it was hot we chose the beach. So we went for three days to a small village near Aveiro called Praia da Vagueira (Beach of Vagueira). It turns out it was not hot after all... It was windy and a bit cold because the sun felt like playing hide and seek with us, but it was worth it! We ate fresh fish, bought fruit and veggies from the local producers, took long walks (when the wind calmed down and allowed us that), took hundreds of pictures (ok, I confess: I took them. Thank God the husband aka my-personal-model doesn't complain! God knows I would.), and mostly just enjoyed the quiet and being with each other. In the end, that's really what matter.

In the end it paid of not being mad with the weather, after all we just wanted to be alone, away and relax a bit. So, guess what? The very last day the sun really came out behind the clouds, the wind stopped around lunch time and we had a wonderfull beach afternoon. Just the way I like it. Quiet... and the beach getting empty as the sun gets closer to the horinzon and the families leave to get back home. And man, it was hot! So what to do? Put on the bikini, sunscreen and... take more pictures.

I really don't like extra long posts that forces you to scroll down over and over, but I just couldn't resist to put all these photos so, sorry for that.

all photos by me
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