05 October 2011

Steps to a wedding: Guest book, or something like that...

If there are things invented by the wedding industry that I really think that makes sence, the guest book is one of them. It always makes me smile reading those little messages and I think it's one thing we will treasure forever.

When we were thinking about how it should be, we just knew we didn't wanted it to be really a book. Something like that may work perfectly well for a limited number of guest, but definitely its not a practical thing when you have 200 guests like we did (I told you before about my big family). If you create a place for the book, people will get tired of waiting for their turn, they will most likely think of comming back later, but probably will end up forgeting it (been there, done that. I speak from my own experience). If you make the book circulate among the guests, at some point, when people start dancing and drinking more, it will end up forgotten at one corner and there will be lots of people that will never even come across it (been there too).

So, we thought about making little cards that people could grab and write whenever they felt like, and then drop them on our "mailbox". This is not an original idea, I know, but hey, who says everything must be original? The best advice I got from a teacher when I was taking my degree in Industrial Design was: you don't need to invent the wheel, someone already did that, use that knowledge and apply it for your needs.

photos by our friend Rita
last ones by me with the cellphone


  1. Those boxes, ribbons, colors and the idea is so cute. We wanted our photobooth to double as guestbook (aside from having as a classic guestbook a cloth covered notebook that we had received as a gift months before anyway) by letting guests leave us messages on the blackboards that we provided... but not everyone left a message. Though the photobooth itself was a big hit, even if it has been done a zillion times. I love this.

  2. This is such a fantastic idea!!!

    I read somewhere that no idea is original. Everything is inspired by something that already exists. What matters is how you put your own thoughts and personality into it to make it your own.

  3. Thanks for posting these steps to plan a great wedding. I am in hunt of best NYC wedding venues for my sister’s wedding. More than a sister, she is a good friend of mines. Want to make her wedding truly unique and special.


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