28 September 2011

Steps to a wedding: Something old, something new...

... Something borrowed, something blue.

Can you guess what was our "something blue"? Yes, you guessed it right. The flowers over our heads. We didn't put a lot of though into what should be tossed when we were getting out of church, as opposed to almost everything else. We just knew we didn't want rice (it's the tradition here) for two main reasons, first I didn't wanted to be removing rice grains from my underwear the rest of the day (that can be pretty annoying... that and having it all over the head, after spending so much time getting hair done!), and second and most important, I think it's a waste of food, and I find it disrespectful to those who have none to eat.

I had an extra bunch of white chrysanthemums to remove the petals, cause white and simple is my thing. The place we rented for the party had lots (I mean tons) of beautiful blue agapanthus, so it occur me: something blue! We picked up a nice bunch and removed the little blue flowers. I loved the effect of the white petals mixed with little blue blossoms.

photos by our friends Pedro and Rita


  1. Such a pretty use for something blue! We didn't use rice, either, opting for bubbles instead.

    Such a sweet photo!

  2. Ohhh so pretty and I love that you just took the blue flowers from your venue. We also did not have rice, it was forbidden, so for us not even a matter of choice. We thought of bubbles like Amanda Blue, but I read it might stain and I did not want to risk it. My mom brought little copper mexican bells that we gave to the guests and when we came out everybody rang bells instead of throwing stuff at us. Before my parents left to Mexico, as a goodbye thing my sister and mom did threw some rice at us, I am superstitious like crazy and it is supposed to be a fertility ritual... I didn't want to risk that. Yes I am crazy.

  3. Beautiful idea! I definitely won't be using rice either when my day comes -- flower petals sound perfect. And you and your groom look wonderfully happy -- looks like an utterly lovely wedding :)


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