12 September 2011

Pissed off

Usually I'm a very peaceful and understanding person. I say usually, that means most of the time. The remaining time I can be really neurotic about things that pisse me off and absolutely not understanding, nor sympathetic (why should I?) with people that harm other people. That's me.

I have a mortal hate for virus and malware developers (those and people who park the car in the middle of the street). It's the kind of thing I cannot put myself to understand, no matter how many turns I give to it. Why would someone spend their time creating something that is only meant to harm other people. Why??

Please, don't answer me with philosophical dissertations about how the big software companies are ruling the world, oppressing our freedom, bla bla bla, and for that they need to be punished. I'll feel free to curse you. And you're totally free to think I'm a maniac. We're even.

Yes, I've been hit.

Thursday night, we turned on the laptop and BOOM! A rain of windows and system warnings begun. From there, no turning back. I've no idea were did it came from. It was the first time it happened to me and, as you can imagine, I'm pissed and not in an alchoolic way.

I work at a computer consulting company, I should know better. I do. I hear all sorts of bizarre stories, all the time, about malware infestation, about important docs worth a lot of money being lost, about folders of all life photos vanishing... and all the frustration afterwards. I take my precautions, allways backing up stuff, and due that I won't loose too much, still, there will be losses. Only with time I'll be able to tell what actually is lost, or if it will be by any means possible to recover anything from the drive. Till there, luckily I have this computer at work and my external hard drive to recover my old pictures.

What do I have to say? Those people are sick. They know they're ripping away pieces of peoples lifes, and they don't care! Whether they do it for money or just for self-satisfaction, it's sick.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking the world would be better off without these kind of people, and I almost agree that cutting the hands from stealers and sending hackers and virus developers to a no return trip to the moon would be the right thing to do. Then I feel like a bitch. And then there's that forgiveness thing. Not sure I can do that.

photo by me


  1. it sucks, that's for sure. thing is, to these hackers and such we're just faceless entities.

    it's happened to me. i lost photos. but, i've lost worse things and others have lost worse things than me.

    hope some sunshine enters your days soon. :)

  2. Thanks a lot, Monica.
    Really looks like I've been through some dark clouds. I think I'm atracting negative things lately...

  3. Oh Ines, don't think you are attracting negative. And if so, it only means that the good is coming your way. I am so sorry this happened (hopefully you had most of it backed up). And yes, I can not understand people that harm for the fun of it.

  4. This is my fear, that I would lose all my photos and my computer would be useless. Yet still I don't back anything up...I really should get on it. And thank goodness you did back most of it up.

    I don't think you are attracting negative things...before you know it something amazing will happen which will make you happy!


  5. I really hope there will be good things coming my way!

    Lottie, I would advise you to do so, just think about how you'd feel by loosing it all? I'm cursing up till now! That's how mad I am... And it's easier to happen than we think.


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