17 August 2011

To the person who is now in possession of my cellphone

If you stole it from me, be sure that you belong in hell.

I don't care if I gave you a chance by leaving the bag zipper open. I don't care if you have a hard life. I have a hard life. And I don't take pleasure from things that do not belong to me, you know, other people's things. I work my ass of to get everything I have.

No. It's not an easy life. Fight it! Don't be a coward.

If I was stupid enough to have lost it, anywhere between the train and the bus to work, and you found it, well, I still have some confidence in the good will of people. Because, you know, there are some good people out there. Honest people. So, I was hoping that you would return it to me. I don't expect you to know who I am and find me. Don't worry, the authorities will do that for you. And I don't need to offer you a reward, cause it's the right thing to do, and good people do nice things just because it feels good. But I would be tremendously grateful to you, and would have you in my heart forever, because good people leave a print in our life. And probably would bake you a thank you cake. Just sayin...

I waited. Two whole days. I contacted the authorities, the train and the bus company. Several times. No such thing was returned anywhere. And I even called my cellphone hoping you would answer me, but it just rang once and then you turned it off.

Why? Don't you know that it is mine and not yours? Do you think that finding it, and keeping it, makes you a better person than a thief? It doesn't. It's not yours to keep. Oh, and it's a crime amongst our laws, did you know that?

I will keep looking for it, because I still have faith in the human kind, even if everywhere I go people tell me not to have. "People don't do altruistic acts no more. People see advantage in every thing and will take it if given the opportunity." So, am I naive? I don't care. This is who I am.

If I never get to have it back, wich I know is the most probable thing to happen, I hope that, when you find all my pictures full of smiles in the cellphone card, you'll be sure that you stole a piece of an happy life. I don't expect you to feel bad about it, as I don't expect people like you to have feelings. Anyway, whether you stole it from me or found it and kept it, be sure that

I hate you with all my heart.

photo by me, taken that very same morning
and that was actually the exact bus I caught. weird, I say.


  1. Oh Ines, I am so so sorry :(
    I hope you will get it back. What goes around comes around and you put seeds of honey (3rd grade teacher saying) everywhere.

  2. Please don't ever lose your faith in humankind. It's part of what makes you so uniquely beautiful!

    I'm sorry it happened. :(

  3. I hope you get it back...and I hate the person who has it too!


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