23 March 2012

Traveling :: Kusadasi, Turkey

When we decided to start our honeymoon on a cruise ship we knew that it would allow us to go to a lot of diferent places, but we would not have much time to spend in each one. We stayed at Kusadasi no more than 8h, but it was enough for us to love it! Well, you see... there were Turkish baths followed by massage, cold drinks while sitting on cushions under olive trees...

There where sunny terraces facing the sea, and real beer, yes real beer! As oposed to that weird spanish thing they gave us on boat, this one tasted like angels drink! And look, how happy we looked just to have a ice cold beer on a hot summer day!

There were delicious turkish snacks, one I even learned to make at home, and turkish delights in all kinds of flavours! We only tasted a few, for our health's sake, but I can say coconut and pistachio were really yummy. Oh, and there were roasted corn cobs sold on the streets.

There were charming street markets, and warm kind people, and rug stores, everywhere, and beaches and castels and bird houses! Believe me, we would gladly stay longer, even if just to touch the sand with our feet, and lay on that blue ocean we only got to look at.

all photos by me


  1. So much fun ! You made me want to go to a warm exotic place :) Sounds like a fun honeymoon and now you even have an excuse to try and go back !I love the colorful lamps in the stand !

  2. this looks incredible. i would lovelovelove to go to turkey. some day soon! xx

  3. whoa, what fun... those bazaars look amazing!


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