22 March 2012

A pause to play... Noa

So, Spring is here. Did I mention I love the seasons change? I love them all, each one on it's proper time, but I'm most definitely a warm weather kind of person. What can I say? Sun light makes people happy! So, makes sense that I share with you music that makes me happy.

For some reason Noa's music always feels like spring to me. It's joyful and bright and almost looks like her songs have colors. Cheerful colors. The way she sings in her Israeli accent... Oh, and her whistle really looks like the chirping of a bird!

I was part of the cast of a musical show for 3 years, it was a fantastic experience with special people. The worst part always was dismantling everything on the stage after the performances, but it was nevertheless the funniest, because we were relaxed, all stress gone. The sound sistem was always the last to go down, so that we could have music as we worked. That's how I heard Noa the first time. That record did many shows with us and all those memories come to mind when I hear it.

I can only say that her music is pure beauty, specially this album produced by the great Pat Metheny. And, now that I've shared with you a bit more of the soundtrack of my life, I invite you to make a pause to play it! As usual I give you a live performance, well two, as there are two songs for you to listen. Make a pause, it's worth it! And a good Spring to you all!

Songs: Child of man, I don't know
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  1. beautiful voice! but more wonderful is her energy, her vibe. lovely.


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