08 December 2011

A pause to play... Rita Redshoes

Today I bring you something different, something you probably haven't listened before, because this is a portuguese artist. There was a time when I used to hear this album a lot. The cd belonged to my brother and was in the car we all shared at home and, as I'm not a radio fan, every time I would grab the wheel this would play over and over.

Listening to this always brings to my memory driving alone under the rain, and the street lights on Christmas time flickering at me, as I drove for kilometers to see the boy play with his futsal team. It was the beginning of our relationship. Eventually I changed the cd on the car, but I always go back to her music, not just for the memories it brings me, but because it is intense and beautiful to hear.

So, now that I shared with you another piece of my life's soundtrack, make a pause to play it! You should not miss this one!

Artist: Rita Redshoes
Song: Dream on girl
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