10 December 2011

Improbable beauty

Sometimes the ugly real life's things become beautiful seen through the lenses. Like a road overpass over a lake or a crane... That's why I love photography!

all photos by me


  1. It's amazing how you view the world differently when you look at it through the lens. :)

  2. You did well in making these ordinary scenes beautiful! :)

  3. Ines, the tones in these photographs are just gorgeous!

  4. Ooh Inês I love these photographs, I love the contrast of the hard architecture with the environment. so beautiful. not to mention the processing. hope all is well!

  5. I love the beauty in these normal scenes. Really beautiful.

  6. The light and the colors in the first one. Might be biased , I love the sea. So strong, yet subtle, the industry, meeting nature, we are all connected.


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