06 December 2011

DIY Christmas decorations

I told I was enslaving my husband! Aren't these looking pretty?! Who knew he would turn out so talented? Well, I'm sure he didn't. It all started during our wedding prep when I found myself drowning in ideas, and the boy, desperately trying to release my stress, would look at me and say: just tell me how to do it. And suddenly I had him carving intricate design to make chandeliers and table markers... and I gasped, as a miner who has just discovered gold! Can you see what it means, for a creative soul, to have this kind of resource at home??

And this is how, from an uninteresting piece of styrofoam, these beauties were born. I just imagine things and make the drawings, everything else is his work. Soon we will be opening our etsy store where you can find things like this and much more!

photos by us


  1. LOVE them!!! How nice! And how cool that your husband does that. On my family I tell my husband to stay away even if we wants to help with some crafts, LOL! I tell him to take care of the kids better meanwhile I craft.

  2. These came out so pretty! How sweet for you two to collaborate, and have something creative to do together. :) Can't wait to see your shop!

  3. another proof (if needed) that he IS your soul-mate!

  4. He is talented!!! So lovely!!! Is that just a knife he is using? The deer is incredible!

  5. I love how he shares your dreams and helps them become a reality. My husband is the same way. xoxo

  6. These are amazing and yes, definitely talented!

  7. These are gorgeous and so effective. You are one talented couple!

    My other half won't even help me ice gingerbread as he is scared he is going to ruin it, which kind of makes it slightly less fun when I want him to get involved. Oh well I suppose we can't have everything and it means he is doubly impressed with anything I make, bless him.

  8. Nice ! Poor enslaved husband, though he looks like he is having fun ;)
    Good luck with the Etsy shop can't wait to see what will be in store !

  9. Ines... I love these.
    How cute & easy!


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