19 December 2011

The last weekend before Christmas

I'm exhausted. This was not a resting weekend, I tell you.

There were lots of crafts happening, like these ornaments that the children from sunday school then decorated at their advent celebration. And many hours of band rehearsals for the Christmas show happening on saturday night. And everything in between from preparing the alignment of the show to the set design... And... also preparing the activities with the children for the afternoon. Why do I get myself into so much at the same time? Beats me. In the end everything turned out very well. It's a good feeling we get in the end. It's rewarding.

After all, what is Christmas without giving the best of ourselves?

photos by me
last two by Luís, our friend

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  1. Exhausted? You're telling me! I also have a flight to catch tomorrow morning at 7am! That's a crazy time to leave, isn't it? But that's enough with the moaning!
    Happy Christmas dear Ines
    Hope you'll have a wonderful time with your loved ones!


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