20 December 2011

Christmas all over the house

I wish Christmas time would last longer than just a month! I love adding touches to the house, and I love how the house feels during this time. This year I'm enjoying myself decorating with rosemary, since I've seen this great idea at pinterest.

You see, I always loved natural green decorations, but our common pine trees have very long needles and, as beautiful as they may be, they're not very useful in terms of making cute christmas decorations. On the other side, we do have a lot of rosemary (at least my mom's garden has, tons of it!), and... don't you thing the twigs look just as good as pine branches? Well, I do, for what matters. Oh, and the smell is gorgeous!

Remember I told you we went to the sweedish store a few weeks ago? We were meant to buy this shelf, but it turns out it's out of stock, (and I suspect it will be permanent since it's been like that for months now). Well, we were not giving up on the look we wanted. With brackets, shelves, a rail, hooks, and a bit of imagination it turned out like this. And, oh, I'm so happy with the kitchen right now! I almost forgot how I hate the counter stone, and the tiles, and the sink...

all photos by me
(unfortunately I do not have one before picture of the kitchen... I'm slapping myself right now.)


  1. What a genius idea! Your home is lovely xx

  2. oh, your decorations are beautiful! and rosemary, what a genius idea. i may have to 'borrow' some from my neighbour's yard tonight...! hope you are excellent!!

  3. Lovely photos, I adore decorating my house all Christmas-y <3

  4. Your decorations are beautiful. I hope you had a merry christmas and great holidays. What a hectic period huh, I read you but did not even comment for so long :( shame on me.
    Do you have snails in the plants? Did I understand correctly?

  5. Oh, Amanda, I've been absent too, as you can notice. It's way too much to deal with at the same time these days :) but in a good way, though!

    Yeah, the snails! :D You see, snails are a very tradicional snack here, so, on most tradicinal snack bars there's usually a message on the wall saying "Há caracois!" as in... we have snails. So, we made a joke with it on our kitchen ;)


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