29 November 2011

Making a house a home

Last weekend we made a trip to that swedish store, that shall not be named, to get a few things I've been planning to give the house some extra touches. But oh, the weekend was so full of things to do... we did not manage to get the time I wanted to get everything in place. As disappointed as I might be, off I went to a work week away (a shorter one, as thursday will be a public holiday!) leaving behind a messy home and lots to do.

But now, look! I've been receiving mails from the hub with photos like this. Those little yellow roses and succulents we've been growing for some time are now standing beautifully on our tiny balcony! So, what do you think, does he deserves a kiss?

all photos by Francisco


  1. He deserves a kiss ! Love flowers blooming in a pot. And hey it is Wednesday, so your Holiday is here.
    Definitely it is tha small touches that make a home. Can't wait to see what you will come up with !

  2. I ca't wait to see more of your home...and your plants look so pretty...I wish I was more green fingered!


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