24 November 2011

A pause to play... John Mayer

Before you ask, we were not drunk. Liquor was too darn expensive over there! And we don't do any other weird substances either. Going to a concert is the best trip if you ask me!

This was taken at the end of an exhausting/crazy/fabulous night at Rock in Rio Lisboa with a cool group of siblings and cousins. After jumping and doing crazy (read awkward) choreographed dances to Ivete Sangalo, enjoying John Mayer amazing guitar skills and voice, and trying to see a bit of Shakira, we looked like this. Just for the record: 1) that last part was just for satisfying curiosity purposes, we were there anyway, and, truth to be told, we didn't last half of it (who knew that a long long long time ago I used to kind of like her musics?); 2) we were not the only ones looking like this, I should know better not to ruin other people's reputation other than myself, for my safety, but I can't resist! Oh...

See?? Now, I'm going to run and hide!! Oh, and about John Mayer, the gig was amazing, but I will never forgive him not playing this song. John, you owe me one!

photos by Margarida

Artist: John Mayer
Song: Neon
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  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I LOVE John Mayer too!!


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