30 November 2011

La vuelta al mundo :: Diptychs

This month I won't miss the deadline! Here I am to share my work for La vuelta al mundo, the Flickr group created by the talented Jackie Rueda. The theme for November was diptychs:

"Mi propuesta es que hagan dipticos de sus propias fotos durante este mes y que (si pueden y les apetece) se conecten con alguien (...) y le propongan tambien hacer una colaboracion."

"My proposal is for you to make diptychs of your own photos this month and (if you can and feel like) to connect with someone (...) and propose also a collaboration."

I had too much fun with this theme, experimenting combinations, looking at long forgotten photos on my folders and putting them together... looking at pictures from a different point of view, as being part of a story. I found that you can say so much more by combining two pictures, and it's curious how the way you combine them can make a picture pass out a completely different message.

So, here they are, I hope you enjoy them!

Oh, and I even experimented a collaboration between me and my husband, following Jackie's suggestion. This last diptych is our two pictures join together. Now I can only look forward for December's prompt!

photos by me


  1. Oh my, Ines. Your photos are so incredibly beautiful, and I love how as you say the diptychs tell a story. Love the goats. The sandals with the seawater little creepers that must be hiding there (biologist in me) and wow, just all of them. This is art girl, your phots are able to transprt the observer to a faraway magic place.

  2. oh these are so great! they tell a story, they are soft and beautiful! love love love.. by the way I am sending you your package this weekend ;)

  3. These are wonderful Ines!
    I especially love the blue door.
    Just gorgeous!

  4. I love your style! The flip flops one and the one with the ball are my favorites but it was hard to choose!

    I completely forgot we could play diptics with somebody else!! Maybe one day you an me can play?!


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