02 December 2011

A pause to play... Radiohead

Here I am with a late post today. We're enjoying a public holiday at home. Between some needed time to relax and some time to get a few things done, I managed to save a few extra minutes before sleep to come here.

Since I started this Pause to play series, were I share moments of my life that are directly connected with music, I've been alternating between older and more recent memories. This one is a very recent one, not that I just 'discovered' Radiohead, but his particular song for some reason never got my attention. I guess there's a perfect time for everything. One of last week's evenings was spent by the fireplace watching a movie that's been sitting for months, waiting, on the DVD's shelve. It was worth the waiting cause I really enjoyed "L'Auberge Espagnole". It's a fun soft european movie, but the thing that hit me the most was this music and the way it helped the story to flow and made it so much more intense.

This song has been playing in my head the whole week, so I had to share it. It is a powerful music, a master piece, I believe, and I'm sure whenever I'll listen to it, it will bring back the memories of that night, the warmth of the fire and the relaxed feeling the movie gave us.

So, now it's your turn, make a pause and play it!
Band: Radiohead
Song: No surprises
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  1. i'm just not a fan of this band, but since you say this is so powerful, i'm going to give it a go (downloading...)

    ... i agree, quite powerful. touching, beautiful. still not my thing, somehow triggers a depressive spot in my head. lol but i understand it's beauty.

  2. radiohead is a favorite band of mine.. got all their albums.. I really love a lot of music that comes out of the Uk!

  3. Monica, I absolutely understand what you feel, I get the same with Lenny Kravitz! :) Thank you for listening anyway.

    Olivia, they are coming here next year for a summer festival, maybe I'll get the hub to take me!

  4. he's the best singer I had ever seen


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