02 November 2011

Bicicletas in October

Bikes. That was the October theme for La vuelta al mundo. I've been cuddling in the nest for the past four days, and I ended up missing the deadline for publishing. I was needing a bit of relax and inner healing, and gosh, these days were worth it!

I love bikes, and I must say I was a bit disappointed with my work for this month challenge. First of all, we live in an area with rugged terrain, so we need bikes to be well prepared for moving up and down. This basically means that you'll rarely find a charming bike like those you see in Amsterdam all the time (me jealous!). Then it came the rain, so... no bikes outside. I was really eager to capture some good bike pics, but it just ended not happening. Luckily I had taken some bike photos during last summer.

Truth to be told, only this last picture was taken specially for the challenge, but I am happy with it, because I was there, carrying my camera, waiting for the moment to happen.

all photos by me


  1. I haven't been for a bike ride in years and this has made me want to go for one. I will probably be terrible now though, all over the place, but maybe that would make it more fun!

    Loving the last photo!

  2. Hi Ines! First time reading your blog but I'm sure I'll be back soon. And I really like your bikes, hope to see your diptychs this month!!

  3. Your last photo is good ! And the other ones as well, they just make me want to go to a picnic.
    -and thanks :)
    And I dont know what is it with blogger but it did not update your posting... I came here wondering about you and only saw that I missed the last 3 posts ! But here I am .

  4. Oh I am also jealous of Amsterdam!! But your first picture is my favortie, love it!

  5. I love all of the photos!

    I wish bikes were more common here, in my area. But it is such a rural area, you need car to drive 20 minutes to get to the nearest store. And no one works in the area (because there is no work!) so they all have to drive to commute to work. I would love to live in a town that had so much to offer you never had to leave and could ride bikes everywhere.


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