28 October 2011

Heading home

Today is time to head home. Seems like the skies are opening, I can see the light at the horizon. Not always easy to, though...Yesterday I woke up with my cellphone beeping.

"There's nothing better than waking up next to you, 
even if we're as far as the opposite sides of the bed. 
Wake up and be able to hold you, 
squeeze you against me, 
and kiss you... 
Why can't we have this every day?"

I looked at the other side of the bed, but there's no other side. I barely fit in there myself. This work I have keeps us apart 3 nights a week, 230 km away. There's no way to express how it feels, it just feels wrong. This shitty economical situation we're living gives us no option but to hold on to it. Let's hope for better days. Whenever I look up for guidance I always see the clouds changing. Sometimes, all we need is a bit of wind to shake things up and change the clouds. Need to learn how to build a fan.

photo by me
for the 52 Photos Project


  1. Ohhh I feel you. Sometimes I wonder if I don't want a career so bad, because at this point, after the first 7 months in Holland when we were in a similar situation (me living in a farm 200 km away from the boy) and then finally being together, I don't know if I could do it again. And yeah, there is nothing better than waking up next to the one you love, to squeeze and stay there. But hey, it is the weekend. And well... this makes you appreciate every moment like it's gold, and maybe the universe is trying to teach us patience. Anyway , sending hugs, and happiness and wishing you guys to be able to be together everyday soon, somehow.

  2. very difficult. i know you must appreciate having the work, but it doesn't alleviate the sadness of being apart. the yearning.

    at least changing clouds tell us everything changes.

  3. Oh that sounds so difficult! I do feel for you. Mine is leaving for a week in the UK and I know after the first 24 hrs of loving being on . my own, I will hate it. I hope your situation will change for the better soon. x

  4. Ay! 3 nights? I feel your frustration...
    Keep an open heart & mind that the right job closer to home will become available to you soon.
    ~Love your photo. Thanks for linking up.

  5. You are right there is nothing like waking up beside the one you love.

    We had a year apart seeing each other every other weekend, and it was one of the hardest things ever. Lots of tears, phone calls and long good byes.

    Just remember it isn't forever and soon it will be all over! x

  6. reading this made me very sad, Im currently a LONG way away from my one. . . I have many a ridiculously long phone calls :( it's been nearly two and a half months now (but going home this weekend) - sending you my love,

  7. Thank you all, sweet ladies, for your kind support.

    People may think that after some time we get used to this, but we don't. It's been more than three years... And it is as hard today as it was then. Somehow we find a way, we learn to live with it. Some weeks are harder to go by, though. It takes strength and a lot of love to hold ourselves together, and we've been doing it.
    It will change. I know it will.

  8. Wind? Do you need wind? Is Gale OK? We have plenty of that over here in Ireland, I can send you some if you like...

  9. Oh Inês, I had no idea you were separated from your husband every week -- and for more than three years! That is a strong love indeed. My guy was in Russia last month and last week in Thailand until yesterday and every time he is away, things feel off. Even Paris loses some of its sparkle :) Remember that everything always changes (it's the one thing you can rely on) and it won't always be like this. Wishing you winds of change and sunnier skies.

  10. Lilie, thank you so much for your kind words. I have faith that things will change. We love each other the most and that as lead us trough all. Then, when we think so much people is in worst conditions, we feel blessed.


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