03 November 2011

A pause to play... Extreme

Did you had rock band posters on your bedroom wall when you were a teen? I did. I won't embarrass myself by naming all of them*, but this one I don't regret. They were cool then, and I think they still are now, with a little more of charm that only comes with age. Just like wine.

When the boy and I started dating, the first thing I gave him was a cd with a few songs I selected. That cd played over and over, and those songs ended being all of them very special to us. One of those was Unconditionally (yes, cheesy, loving unconditonally), from Extreme. A few moths later, for my birthday, he bought us tickets for their concert in Lisbon, it was their reunion tour, after more than ten years apart. Needless say, I was in a happy place! Going to a concert, just one of my most favorite things to do, to see a band I grew up listening, with the person I knew I would be my whole life with. Could not ask for more. It was three years ago, in the end of October, and I remember seeing girls dressed as witches crossing the streets as we walked to Lisbon Coliseu.

The song I share with you today is one of my favorites. It has everything I love about their music: nice vibe, energy, a bit of funk, great voices, and the magic hands of Nuno Bettencourt on the guitar. (Oh, an by the way, he is portuguese, did you know that?)

So, this is the moment when I invite you to make a pause to play it. Come on, this was one of my teenager's band crushes!

*Ok, I'm exaggerating. A bit. There was some Bon Jovi stuff going on, though, I confess.

Band: Extreme
Song: Hole Hearted
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