19 October 2011

Steps to a wedding: The shoes

If I can think of the best advice, wedding concerning, I read on web previous to the day, this was the one. Come on, a bride, wearing ballroom dance shoes? I would never ever thought of such a thing, and this is so clever! Ballroom dance shoes are made to look elegant and yet comfy. They are made for dancing, but they have heels. I assure you, this was a aha moment for me! So, what was I looking for?

* I knew I didn't wanted  white shoes, specially no shoes lined with the same fabric of the dress. (by the way, that is completely outdated!)
* I wanted something special, something different from the wedding shoes we see here.
* I wanted something I could easily walk on grass, but still look elegant, cause we were having our after party at a garden.
* I wanted something with a vintage feel to go with my dress, and at the same time that would go with the country feel of our outside/backyard/laid-back reception (no bling bling fuchsia shoes, definitely)

Instantly I fell for her shoes (do scroll down to see the whole pictures, they're worth it), but then, having them sent to Portugal turned out an impossible mission as no supplier seemed to send that label here. So I passed to plan B. I found that there is a really good portuguese dance shoes label, Rummos, and I found a little shop that sold them near us. And that's when I chose my shoes.

They are the most comfortable shoes I ever had my feet in. I love how they look a bit romantic and vintage. And the best, I never even remembered I was in heels the whole party! You know, that sentence, my feet are killing me! Never crossed my mind. My feet were happy!

If you're planning your wedding now, consider this advice: look for ballroom dance shoes. There are hundreds of shapes, for sure you'll have something for your taste and you can find them in every color.

Oh, and if you've been here for a while you probably know that my sister got married two months ago. After trying my shoes she said "I want shoes like this!!". Take a peek. The light in the pictures is deceiving though, her shoes are not the same color (nor shape) as mine. She also went for a higher heel as she had no reception on a yard like we did. Always great to pass on the knowledge!

all photos by our dear friend Pedro


  1. Oh this is definitely god advice. I love the salmon shimmer of them. And umm I guess I was a bit outdated.... the lace in my shoes kind of coordinated the one in my dress oops. But that-s ok. I loved loved loved the shoes after all I am crazy about lace. I did think of going the colorful way, but I just didn-t dare too. I love how your shoes were colored, yet subtle. Perfect choice definitely.

  2. Oh, Amanda, you were not outdated at all! Your shoes were special and different with the lace around the ankle. When I say lined shoes, I mean more like upholstered with the dress's fabric, if this makes any sense (pardon my english!). I mean shoes like this:



    ... Then, the seamstress will line the shoes with the same fabric of the dress (even when the dress is bought usually there are fabric leftovers, from fitting the dress).

  3. Finding my wedding shoes was so difficult and not helped by my mind flitting between having totally non wedding shoes and a more classic appropriate approach. I ended up with latter. a pale pink court shoe with a bow that were very comfy. But it was the Marc Jacobs shoes that got away that had won my heart and I always slightly regret not going for them.


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