08 August 2011

The August Break 2011 - Day 6

just live the moment, no matter if it's summer and raining outside

Saturday was a crazy day. There was a husband sleeping, as the wife fed a baby sparrow that had fell from the nest into the apartment's balcony early in the morning. There were curious cats looking at it through the window. There were dark clouds on the sky. There were flower petals flying, mixed with rain drops. There were people dancing inside the church as we sung Al Green's "Let's stay together" over and over, because the rain wouldn't let us get out. There were wet feet, and wet hairdos. There were men in suits exchanging tires in the rain, and ladies in fancy dresses holding umbrellas over them.

And there was a very happy couple. And so were we.

all photos by me 


  1. Beautiful. I love the story of the baby sparrow and curous cats :)
    And congratulations to your sister, she looked beautiful.

  2. the baby sparrow recovered from the fall :) He was weak and not moving much. I had to force him eat and drink with a toothpick, but after one night and several meals he was stronger and trying to move his wings to fly. it was so cute to see him beginning to make sounds to sing... we left him in the birdhouse we have outside, and kept going there to fed him, until one moment he was not there anymore. I heard birds singing the whole morning around the house, I like to think he got back to his kind.


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