20 October 2011

A pause to play... Iron and Wine

You know that big online store named as the largest rainforest on earth? Let me correct, huge store. Actually, the place has become so big so big sooooo... big... (let me breath before I say this, I'm still in shock!) that if you google it's name you won't find any information about the forest till the third or fourth page! Yes, that's right, go ahead and try it. I'll wait. Of course, you know what I'm talking about, yes?? The "Lungs of the World" where more than 20 percent of the world oxygen is produced, you know it, right? I recogn it's kind of obvious, but since Kellie Pickler said she thought Europe was a country I doubt everything!

Anyway, I buy a lot of stuff from there, mainly music and books, and there's a feature these stores have I've come to love, which is that customers-who-bought-this-item-also-bought thing. I know, it's not like they invented the wheel, but that thing really is cool. I cannot count the amount of stuff I've discovered through those suggestions. And you don't need to be Einstein to already know that this was how I came across Iron and Wine.

I've told you before how I heard Bon Iver for the first time, and how I got hitched by it's music. So there I was browsing that store for their CDs... and under it there was a bunch of Iron and Wine albums as a recommendation. And, well, you know I'm curious...

End of the story, it's time for you to make a pause and play it! It's only four minutes. Usually I like to share a live performance, but this time I couldn't help it, I love this video!

Singer: Iron and Wine
Song: Boy with a cin
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  1. Oh I know what you're talking about :p. Did you also know that the microscopic algae in the ocean also account for quite a bit of the oxygen production?
    I also love love love that place it is like pinterest but worse haha. Thank god I don't actually own a credit card, so that if we happen to buy something it is well thought you know, because we have to get the boy's card. And yeah, that : "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" is quite handy, coming from another curious person. Will listen to the song later :) Have a nice Friday YAY weekend !

  2. I love Iron and Wine!! Right now I'm hooked on Tree by the River. :)

    I've found a lot of music by the "customers also purchased" feature. I use that on iTunes, too, to find new music.

  3. i love iron and wine! trapeze swinger and naked as we came are some of my favourite songs ever. do you like nick drake too? we played northern lights for our first dance at our wedding :) and yes, a crazy big move! but a good one, fingers crossed!


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