27 October 2011

A pause to play... Billie Holiday

When the weather gets chilly, like it is getting now, all I feel like is to cuddle under the blankets and watch the rain fall against the windows. Good company, a movie, or a book to read... or just a cup of hot chocolate or tea and a warm music playing.

There's no better music to warm me in this time of year than Lady Day. She was unique, well, she is unique! Amazing souls like hers never leave this earth. She is the soothing company when I have something to do at home, she is the perfect inspiration for my creative moments, and she never fails when we have dinner parties.

When I first bought her collection of cd's, the boy confessed me he didn't enjoy it that much. Inside I was screaming "WHAAAAT?" but I kept the composure, and relied on her to persuade him in time. Don't know if she did it yet, but I know that we had great moments together listening to it, so, that's good for me. (For now)

I was not born in the fifties, neither in the US, so knowing about Billie Holiday was not a thing we would grow up with. I must have listened her lots of times, I'm sure, but I clearly remember how I got her bug inside. I used to love a show called Once and again and there was this cute scene of the two young girls listening to her. That music got into my head and I just had to listen more of her.

So, now it's your turn. Make a pause, grab a cup of tea, cuddle on the couch, and play her!

Singer: Billie Holiday
Song: God bless the child
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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Billie! such good music! If you like her, you will like Etta James, you have to listen to " A Sunday kinda love"... you'll never forget it..

  2. i'm a huge fan! my Mr isn't keen either.
    now you've made me want to play her. yes, she suits autumn.

  3. I'm listening to her now! :) I also love Nina Simone. ah...


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