26 October 2011

Discovering Portugal :: Portela de Oliveira windmills

Being at the top of a mountain. Watching all the life surrounding us. Feeling the wind touch our air and the sun light kiss our face. Breathing...

This is definitely a special place. Not one you'll find in touristic guides, probably, as it's not more than a plateau with a few windmills, or is it? Well, I say it's one of the most perfect places to watch the sun set on the horizon, as it's light gently touches the top of all the hills surrounding. It's the perfect place to be in peace with yourself and forget everything. It's the perfect place to be at quiet and enjoy sharing a special moment with special people in your life.

Portela de Oliveira in details

How to go: The closest city is Coimbra, at about 25 km. The only way to get there is by car and it's quite an easy trip, you just have to take the IP3 road and exit when you'll see the indications to Luso. And then follow the indications to Moinhos (windmills) or just ask, people are friendly. Being there you should not miss all the beautiful spots near, like the river Mondego at Penacova and the magnificent forest of Bussaco. (I'll be talking about this later)

GPS: 40.303618 -8.305321

all photos by me


  1. what a lovely vista and so so peaceful.i would enjoy it very much.

  2. I love these photos...they are so peaceful.

    I think I need to be there now with my over half just spending the time together watching the sunset. It would be the perfect getaway!


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