01 September 2011

Thursday's pause to play... Bon Iver

I've been thinking of this for a while, so, today is a good day to start, right? Good as any other day... so, here we go!

I can't conceive life without music. Actually, don't you think life would be much interesting with a soundtrack? Imagine you're walking barefoot on a desert beach, and as your thoughts float with the sea waves you start to hear the strings of a guitar followed by a ukulele... How cool would that be? Well, I actually think there's a soundtrack to each life, just not that Hollywood way. It would be pretty awesome, though!

Music has been there every moment of my life. It's the perfect moment when I hear a song that reminds me of a certain moment of my life and, for few instants, I'm transported there and recall what I felt back then... Whether is a particular moment, or a phase I've been through, or even that highschool year I used to hear that band, or see that tv show where that music used to play... It's the soundtrack of my life.

So, this is what I'm up to share with you: the songs that make the soundtrack of my life. Some are with me for so long I can't remember, others I've just discovered a week ago. There are those with a story behind, others are just meant to make feel happy. All in all, for me they are beautiful.

You may be asking, why thursday? Well, what I propose is a pause to play. Just that. A little break in the middle of the week. Three days behind, three days yet to go. Stop what you are doing for at least 3 minutes and listen. Maybe it's a new song that blows you away. Maybe it's not new for you, it's ok, hear it again with new hears. Maybe it's a foreign song, in a language you can't understand, but even so, try it, feel it. Maybe you don't find it that interesting? That's the beauty of being human! Wait for next week, there will be more.

Does it remind you of something? Does it make you feel something? I would love to hear it. Wanna suggest something for me to listen? Bring it on, I love that! This is an open space. Just one rule, make a pause, and play it.

Let's start with Bon Iver. Two days ago I told you it is one of my current favourite bands, so it makes sence to start with them. And just because it's the first one, I have not one but five musics in a row for you. I know I said it would be a 3 minutes pause, and I maintain that. Just hear the rest while you work, while you cook, while you do the dishes... Or don't if you don't feel like. But, just trust me on this one, these guys make music out of this world.

The story behind this is a short one, but actually is one of the reasons I decided to start this series. I came across this band over here (I told you before about this girl, the talented Corinne Krogh) and it was like an immediate connection. Next I wanted to hear more, and more... 

I was getting on the last weeks before my wedding, and this were the songs that walked with me from train to bus, to work, back home... and made me relax and walk trough it. And when I say I was weeks from getting married, that means several months after that was posted. For some reason I passed by it without hearing (I was a regular reader), and one day I was browsing for someting and found it, and decided to hear. And OMG I'll never pass a suggestion without hearing!

I found it because someone shared it, now I'm passing it on. Pause, play it and feel it.

P.S. Sorry for the late posting, today... Never mind if you only read this on friday, it's always a good time for a music break!


  1. Lovely post! This is going to be a weekly thing? Oh, I can't wait!!!

    Music is so important to me. I can't go a day without listening to it. Beautiful first choice.

  2. Ines, I am listening to the song as I write. You are so right, it is quite amazing how a song can bring you back in time and take you to places you've left behind.

    Do you knit? I saw this and thought of you :


  3. I knit, I crochet and do embroidery... but don't go around telling everyone! :D Thank you, it's sweet!

  4. Hi Ines, sorry I'm so slow to reply. I've come over here a few times and each time got distracted. So here I am ... and hi! Thank you for the blogging award! It's very flattering of you. I will try to get around to it one of these days although things seem to be slipping away from me right now. Ah! I love Bon Iver. What amazing music. Kellie xx

  5. Hi Kellie! You don't need to apologize. Life is just like this, and we try to make te best with the time we have. Nice to hear from you!

  6. I LOVE this Inês! I'm so glad that something I shared inspired you, especially when it's music that does the heart so much good. Isn't it the best when music has so much power to transport you back to a place? Can't wait to follow this every week! :)

  7. Thanks for your visit, Cori! And thank you for sharing this with us in the first place. Music really speaks to our heart and soul, and has so much power! Power to change our mood, heal our wounds, make us fly in time...


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