31 August 2011

La vuelta al mundo - Travel Journal

Last day of the month, is time to share our photos for the challenge "La vuelta al mundo". This month the theme was "Descubrimientos: diario de viaje", and here's Jackie Rueda's briefing:

"Puedes publicar cualquier foto que hayas hecho lejos de casa durante un viaje. No tiene que haber sido un viaje grande, puede ser de un fin de semana o incluso de un dia. Lo importante es que ese sitio no forme parte del mapa de tu cotidianidad, que sea de alguna forma un descubrimiento, una exploración"

"You can post any photo you've done away from home for a trip. Doesn't need to have been a big trip, can be a weekend or even a day out. The important thing is that the place is not part of the map of your daily life, that is somehow a discovery, an exploration "

Also, each photo must include a brief description of the moment and place it was shooted, like a travel journal.

While last month challenge was really exciting (I mean, it was a treasure hunt, can't get more exciting than that) this month was more about let it go with the flow, for me. I was in August break mood, so between that and some research on my photo folders I would have something. In result I'll be posting a mix of new and old photos. It was fun to find and shoot new places, but it was equally fun to dive in my older photos and relive the moments when they were photographed.

To my followers, you'll be seeing some previously posted photos. To all of you out there, hope you enjoy my travel journal!

Mickey in A Coruña
It had been raining and the day was really gray. The sight of Mickey Mouse walking over the place, splashing color with his balloons was really a fun surprise.

Stairs heading the water

Venice is beautiful in a strange kind of way. While the canals give it a romantic feel, all around you see abandoned houses with walls falling apart. But looking at it trough the camera... all that decadency adds such a beauty I don't think it can be explained. The Venice that got me was not the glamorous and romantic, but the old and misterious full of histories in every broken brick.

The rooster guarding the castle

The best part of getting out is the unexpected. This was one of this moments. Almourol's Castle stands over a little island on Tejo river. As we got out of the boat we were already amazed by the beauty of the place, and the light of the end of the day was perfect... Then, there, on the island walking toward us, there he was. The rooster who guarded the castle.

A peek at a marina in Genova

We had been walking for a while. The map we had was not very accurate, and we were in a verge of loosing our patience to find the train station to get back to the city center. In between buildings I had this view of a marina. I stoped and grabed the camera. The husband looked at me but said nothing. I think he was beggining to understand this thing I have. Inside I was smiling and thinking: this is worth the walk!

Beach of Vagueira

This was one of the perfect shooting afternoons I ever had. Everything worked perfectly, the weather, the sea, the sky that blows me away... and I remember particulary of this moment. I knelt down on the sand and was watching people in the background. All felt so calm and perfect, and that imense sand ahead of me, greeting the clouds in the sky...

all photos by me


  1. I love them all, but the stairs leading into the water - that one is my favorite!!!

    I'll get you a recipe for apple butter. :) It's delicious on toast, scones, biscuits, by the spoonful....

  2. Yes, that photo from Venice is just amazing. Reminds me of when I ended up in the canal for wanting to touch the water yuck.
    And that photo of Mickey Mouse in the square I just love .

  3. I love that photo from Venice it looks like such a beautiful city..Looks like you got to see a lot of beautiful places

  4. Thank you, ladies!
    I want that recipe for sure, Amanda!

    Oh, Amanda (this is weird...) you went into the canal?? :D

    Marinka, we really got to see beautiful places, I miss traveling like that so much...


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