29 August 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Remember that I told you I received an award? Here it is!

I got it from Amanda, from Poppies and Ice cream, who I recently found in this amazing blog world. And I'm so glad I did, cause she is quite special. Go there and read her!

So, I'm a versatile blogger, cool! Here are the rules: I must write 7 things about myself, and then pass it out to 15 blogs I recently found. 15? Really?? Well, lets see... First things first, so, here are seven things you probably don't know about me:

1* My father has 7 siblings, each one (my father included) with 3 to 5 children (I'm the oldest of 4), making a total of 29 cousins. I'm cousin number 15. From those, 8 are already married and have their own kids on a total of 16. Have I lost you yet with the numbers? That means aproximately 70 people in the family. We are very close to each other and we still manage to get almost all family together by Christmas and Easter.

2* I made my own wedding dress and bouquet. Around here people say it brings bad luck. Really?

3* I'm still in denial of being in my thirties, even though I'll be 32 next October. Yikes!

4* I read Little Women more than ten times, and I lost count of how many times I've seen Green Card. I've been wanting to have a greenhouse ever since.

5* I don't like peas, melon and Beyoncé (I mean, that thing she does she likes to call singing).

6* I love music and I know how to play the guitar, but I hardly practice anything, except for some singing and playing at church every now and then. I grew hearing grunge, like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, but my current favourite bands are Bon Iver and Dave Mathews Band.

7* I love sports. I'm quite a football fan, and I'm pretty sure that's at least 50% the reason why my husband married me. That being said, I'm not a naturally born sportswoman. Actually, I pretty much suck at any sport, and at school I was the worst at gym class, regardless of my efforts. I practiced tennis when I was younger, and secretly envied my sister who could do everything easily at first attempt. I eventually got over it, and now I've been playing football for the last 6 years. I'm proud to say that I've improved (a bit), but I'm still a much better watcher than practicer.

And now the list of blogs to whom I'm passing it:

* Blue LaReve - by Amanda - She is down to earth and above all a pleasure to read and get in touch
* For the easily distracted - by Rianne - lovely photos and I have a major jealousy on her camera collection
I heart flowers - by Sophie - she knows her flowers and she knows perfection as well
Little buckles - by Andrea - she says it right, it's like a tale, beautifully illustrated with photos of the daily life, for her two children to read one day
Oh happy day - by Jordan - Oh... Paris... Check this out. It has all sorts of beautiful things.
Corinne Krogh Photography - By Cori - recently discovered her photo blog, after being a follower of her personal blog for long, and truly inspired by her wonderful wedding. The girl has talent, see for yourself!
Flora and Purl - by the Mother of Purl - A mom's life, as it is. Sweet and fun.
* Toasted Pictures - by Marinka - Beautiful pictures of amazing places, what a combination!
Dear Olive - by Kellie - this is just sweet beyond words.
The Style Files - by Danielle - Tons of inspiration stuff. Addictive. Don't go there if you have work to do. Just sayin...
La Cucinetta - by Ana Elisa - Love to read her, she is smart and funny. And the food? Delicious, mouth watering recipes.
Kim Klassen Cafe - by Kim - If you like to post process your photos with some amazing touches, this is a place you should visit
She told Stories - by Bella - beautiful photos
A beach cottage - by Sarah - what if one day you just decided to start a new life on the other side of the world? This is quite a place to get inspiration.
Lottie really loves - by Lottie - she share her thoughts, her fears and her joys.

photos by some dear friends of us


  1. Aww, thanks. And so happy to learn this bits about you. You looked so beautiful on your wedding day. Well there was no other way, since you are. And you made your dress, so pretty and special. I also hate peas, and I am 31 as well, in denial too, will always be a child I think. I was also all about the grunge (though then I loved the Cranberries and REM).
    Now I want to go discover all those places :)
    Have a super nice week !

  2. your wedding dress is beautiful!.. great stuff and thanks for the links, some really great blogs you passed on.. for all your loyal readers!

  3. Amanda, Cranberries? Hell, yes! Sometimes I still go back to it and hear. So nostalgic... And I learned my first notes on the piano with REM, too bad I haven't learnt much more than that, but I will someday. Oh!! You're like the first person I know that also hates peas! Everybody keeps telling me how delicious and sweet they are...

    Olivia, Thank you so much! You have a pretty blog too, with amazingly beautiful pictures, I'll be stopping by there.

  4. I love this list!!! Family get-togethers must be amazing. I have a very small family with only one sister. I've been in love with your wedding dress since I started reading your blog, and to find out you made it! WOW!!! Don't even get me started on Beyonce and that screeching she calls singing - ugh! I love Grunge!!!! Pearl Jam is still one of my favorites that I listen to all the time. Alice in Chains is another favorite. For the longest time I wanted to name my first-born Layne. I really enjoy Bon Iver and DMB now, but I adore David Gray.

    Oh my! You passed it on to me! Thank you soooo much!!!! I'm honored that you though of me. :)))

  5. Hi Amanda, you're really sweet! :) I'll be posting more about the dress and other wedding stuff later. I'm panning on it. ;) I've seen Pearl Jam live and it was an amazing experience I'll never forget. Oh, and Alice in Chains is great too! David Gray? Never heard of him... Can this be? Oh my, I love when someone points me something new to hear! I'm searching it now!!

  6. Oh thank you so much Ines. You luck so pretty in your wedding dress- I cannot understand how it could be seen as bad luck! I will be 32 in January and I also cannot believe it- scary stuff (especially as I have quite a few grey hairs lurking about now!)


  7. hello Ines... it's so nice to be here.... and what a sweet thing to list my blog among so much loveliness.

    I'm amazed ... you made that beautiful dress.... so very, very lovely.... as are you....
    enjoy your 30's..... and trust me... i think the 40's get even better.....

    xxo, Kim

  8. Thank you so much, Kim! I think you are totally right, things just get better over the years! :)

  9. Wow, thank you. That was a nice surprise after being out all day doing no-fun shopping! Your wedding dress is gorgeous! And a huge family must be so much fun! x

  10. Thank you for mentioning my blog in a list of amazingness!
    Your wedding dress is beautiful...I am very jealous of your talent and skills, I can barely sew a button on. xx

  11. Thank you, Ines ~ so much!! I'm so happy that our paths have crossed - you are so sweet.

  12. Inês, I am in awe of your dress. one of THE most beautiful dresses I've seen

  13. Thank you so much for passing this on to me!

    I love your list, especially that you made your dress, thats amazing, its beautiful. Also I really love Little Women, I read it again this year and I need to read it more, its the perfect book :)

  14. :) you are too kind, ladies.

    Andrea, an huge family is really fun! The hard part is when you bring someone new ( a boyfriend or girfriend)... it takes them at least 2 years to beggin to keep track of all family's relations! :) Like... Is that your cousin or your uncle??

    Lottie, I had my mom's help which made it a lot easier. ;)

    Bella, thank you, I can tell you the same! Hope everything will go back to normal soon around there.

    Hanna, that's an amazing compliment! :) All I wanted was to wear a dress that felt like a dress and made me fell happy and free. Wearing something I would be dragging all day, is a no go for me!

    Rhianne, I really understand what you say, it's the perfect book! I always go back to it when I feel the need.


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