26 September 2011

Steps to a wedding :: A kind of engagement session

Yes, kind of. It was not truly a photo session, there was no photographer involved. Actually, let's not call it like we got engaged because, really, we were engaged ever since we knew in our hearts we wanted to spend our lives together. There was just the matter of the date. One day we just knew, it was time.

First, about the engagement session thing, we don't have that tradition here in Portugal, it's not a thing people do, and it was not a thing we intended to do. One thing, though, we knew from the beginning. We wanted our pictures on our wedding invitations.

So, we grabbed every excuse we could to get away by ourselves (as if we needed any...), take the camera and shoot lots of pictures. We took them ourselves, first using the machine timer, then we ended up buying a remote four the camera, which I can say it was the best thing we did. Still, you may not believe, the best pictures ended up being the ones taken with that 10 sec timer! Go figure...

Those were really great moments, and we could not be that comfortable and happy if there were a photographer in the middle of it. It was about being together, enjoying ourselves and trying to capture our essence, if that is anyway possible... And the result were not professional, but really happy pictures, just as we wanted.

all photos by me


  1. Oh this "we were engaged ever since we knew in our hearts we wanted to spend our lives together." And you're pics are indeed happy and cute. Engagement things are also not a thing here, but some of those photoshoots around are really dreamy. I wonder how people get so comfy around a photographer, we have some good pics but we felt extremely awkward and my favorite pics are still spontaneous ones.

  2. Love, love, love these!! The love and happiness is so obvious. Both of your smiles - I don't think a "professional" would have captured the beauty that you did.

  3. Like Amanda I love that line, "we were engaged ever since we knew in our hearts we wasted to spend our lives together"...beautiful! And the pictures are amazing too and definitely fulfil your brief.
    I really need to learn how to use the timer on my camera so I could get some pictures of my and the other half...if they are half as good as this I will be happy!

  4. Thank you ladies! :)
    I must say it took us a lot of pictures to get a good bunch. I'm the kind of girl that always looks awkward in front of a camera... (So much better to be behind it!!) being alone really helped.

  5. What a sweet couple. I can definitely feel your love for each other through these pics. xo

  6. i love all of these.. so thoughtful and well just CUTE!! we never got any engagement photos done, well because we just didn't have time,.. my hubby and I planned our wedding in 3 weeks.. so here we are 5 years later and I think we will have do a mini session like this!!

  7. in 3 weeks? that sounds like a lovely wedding, made out of passion! sometimes I think we might have done just that.
    Just go for it, Olivia, you'll have fun!

  8. These are so beautiful!! Well done!! I know what you mean though, when we got married it also felt like we had always been married, you don't love someone differently because you wear a white dress for a day :)

  9. They are gorgeous! Such a handsome fellow you have there, you make a beautiful couple. Kellie xx


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