15 July 2011

Good memories don't need 10 megapixel

"Don't bother pulling out your phone camera, those pictures are gonna look like shit."

Yeah, I hear you. Back in my head there's a little voice saying "did I asked for your opinion?". I know, I have evil voices in my head, and they also whisper me things like "since when everybody has become such a photography expert?". (sometimes I don't really know if they're in my head or coming out of my mouth, but that's a whole other story...)

Me, being me, just take the pictures anyway.

More and more often you see people pulling out their fancy cameras - witch they can afford, congratulations! - and think of themselves as photografers. And suddenly everything else is crap. When did we get so picky? Don't get me wrong, I have wild dreams, I mean reeeally wild dreams, about cameras but they're nowhere near being in my budget at the moment nor in a near future so I have to stick with my bridge cam and be happy with it. You say maybe I'm just jealous. Well yeah! Probably. But thats not the point.

I say, do you remember when you were a kid and your father had a weird plastic kodak or olimpus camera, with manual focus (or no focus at all, and no zoom!) and a blinding flash? I do. I remember my father also having a polaroide and I loved it more than candys! I love to get those albums out of the dusty closet and laught at those old pictures and remember all those happy moments. And some pictures I really wanna magnify them and hang them on the wall, because they have such a unique beauty! And you know what? My crappy cellphone camera has more definition then those cameras had. So, there's my point. When did we get so picky? Good memories don't need 10 megapixel, zoom 15x nor ISO 6400.

This pictures were taken in the new year's day. We had forgoten our battery charger and, as it happens on that day, there was not a store open where we could buy some. So, out came the cellphone.

For me this are happy pictures. They make me smile every time, and they make fly back in time. And I can feel the cold in that day, and the fog around the city. Even though they are noisy and blurry, I love them.

And they are beautiful. I say so. That's what they make me feel. Good pictures also don't need 10 megapixel.

And here's other things I say:
A good camera does not make you a photographer, and it's not enough to make a good photo, it's the person behind the camera that makes it. It helps having a good camera, and if you can take the most out of it and can afford a really good camera, nice! Not everybody has to be a photographer, and you don't have to be one to take happy pictures, but I guess you already knew that. I'm not a photographer, nor pretend to be one. I probably would have gone that way if I were not to be a designer, still, even though I've not learnt much about it, I love to take photos, capture moments... and I don't have a fancy camera. I just try to do the most with what I have in hand.

So, go ahead, pull out your not so fancy cameras and take happy pictures!

And there will be times when you may surprise yourself by loving especially the most weird ones, because they have some special thing in them, or then thats just me who's the weird one. You can say that too.

Oh, and if you have time take a look at this place. You'll find a girl who knows a thing or two about happy pictures.

all photos by me


  1. Hello Ines ! I have to say your cellphone pictures are pretty, dreamy even I would say. Did you do any light effects, or is that how they came out ? They really are nice :)

  2. Hi Amanda! Thank you for your compliments. I did some ajustments to balance the light and contrast, but the light and colours of the day did all the rest. It helps having a nice canvas! And doing it with joy ;)

  3. hello and thankyou so much for your kind comments on my blog. Your pictures are just lovely x

  4. These are gorgeous and I couldn't agree more. And thank you so much for the link.

    C xx

  5. I agree it's not the camera that makes the photographer.And your pictures are really good, I like the vintage feel of these pictures, it immortalizes well the memories. You have a really nice blog, and you should shoot with whatever camera you have as long as you keep taking pictures.Its the only thing that will make you a better photographer, yo did a really nice job..


  6. Thank you so much for all your comments, it really means a lot! **

  7. i love this post! this is a subject very dear to my heart - thanks for your affirmation!!


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