22 September 2011

A pause to play... Mike and the Mechanics

Summer is past and we're surfing fall in cruise speed now. Yey! I love fall! Well, I love every season and I'm always very excited when time comes for a season changing. (yeah, totally like a kid) Truth to be told, I was a bit disappointed with mister summer, but I do not hold grudges, next year he will have the opportunity to redeem himself, right??

Autumn always brings me back school days because it's when it all starts. Here we're at the second week of school. New friends have already been made, school changes aren't new anymore, all new books have been opened and the family schedule is now rearranged. Everything falls into its normality. I like normality. I like routine. I don't think it has to be boring. Having rituals is good to have things in order in your life, and that's when everything gets exciting! Then you can add splashes of fun stuff, and sometimes turn your days upside down, break your routine.

Whenever I dreamed of having a family of my own, with a house, husband and kids, this was what came to my mind. Those regular everyday moments. Kind of like an end of a good family movie: everybody having breakfast together, the kids running out the door with their backpacks, and then the door is closed. The house stays in peaceful quiet waiting for everybody to return... Except for the cat. Meow! I know, I'm flying back, right now!

I think I'm lost... where was I? Oh, school, yes. Right, so, when I think back to my high school time there's one song that always plays in my mind and this is the one:

In 1995, when it was released, I was in my 10th grade, which means it was the first of the three years of preparation to college. I chose studing arts, I was in a new class, with all different people from my former collegues. It was a life changing time for me. And this song was playing everywhere all the time. On the bus, on the school radio, on TV, and people were whistling it over the school corridors. It was cool being a teen.

All in all, is a nice vibe song. So, make a pause, and play it!

Band: Mike and the Mechanics 
Song: Over my shoulder
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  1. I love the dream you have of when you have a family. Those regular, everyday moments are the ones I cherish the most. :)

    1995 - yikes, does that take me back! The year I graduated high school, the summer I met my now husband. A good year!

    I don't think I've ever listened to this band. Will have to check them out.

  2. Oh yes, I loved to go back to school. New notebooks, new Books (!!!), and meeting everyone after the long summer. I was totally a geek cause everyone had to pretend to be sad about it and hate school.
    And yes, breakfast together and kids running around, I have that picture in my head too.
    Love that song. In 1995 I was starting 9th grade. I think we're the same age though I was in a school where you had to do an extra year of kindergarden (called pre-first) because they didn't want kids so young in first year...


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