06 March 2012

Travelling :: 8h in Athens

As the plane drew its way downward, we could clearly observe the wet ground, which revealed that the rain had passed through there. The dark clouds were clearly the ones to blame. Then a timid ray of light appeared, but not for long. The clouds came again.

The tourist guide tried in vain to make the tour around the Parthenon as we kept having to hide from the rain under the monuments. It was August. The pinnacle of the summer.

"The summers along the Mediterranean are hot and dry." - she said - "well, they usually are..." - she rapidly corrected, when noticing her memorized speech was not making sense. Then, out of nowhere the sun came again. Started with a small hole between the clouds, then a rainbow painted the sky and in a matter of minutes we were presented with a blue sky. And who knew the day would end with a perfect sunset on the pier?

all photos by me


  1. These photos are amazing--and I can't wait to feel real warmth on my skin again

  2. Oh, these photos are amazing, I have wanted my entire life to go to Athens :) hope you are very very well! xx

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  4. Stunning photos!!! I've always wanted to visit the Parthenon. Maybe someday...

  5. We have been wanting to go to Greece for so long, it was supposed to be our honeymoon... and then, we roadtripped in Mexico oops. I keep longing for Greece.
    Looks like you had a great time.


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