05 March 2012

Irresistible eyes

Look at this eyes... aren't they irresistble?

I was looking through my computer folders, trying to (finaly!) get my photos organized, something I haven't been doing for more than one year. Actually, to be honest, I think I can say two years (well... you go and try to organize a DIY wedding, then start a new life, build a new home and start a new business. Then we can talk about it!). In the middle of it I came across these two, taken the very first days at our new house, right after our honeymoon. There were no plants on the windows, not even curtains. Somehow, feels like an empty house, but it wasn't. And looking at this makes me know for sure it wasn't.

It was the beginning. The beginning of a new life.

all photos by me


  1. i keep getting complaints from friends about my lack of house photos over the last 2 years. but like you, it has been crazy here. new baby, new country, new house!and no sleep!

    1. oh dear... no sleep would turn my world upside down!

  2. Oh dear, oh dear!
    Though I spent part of my Christmas holidays to sort and organise all my photos... I haven't finished yet!
    Those cats are awesome!

  3. Yeah, as long as you are there, and you have each other your house is a home and it is of course not empty. Your cats are adorable. And... we did not have curtains in the living room until last week .. That is after 1 year of moving in. !


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