14 March 2012

February's outfits

I guess some of you might be wondering what happened to my New Year's resolutions. The answer is... Well, honestly, there's no proper answer I can give you, unless... I've been sinking in the midst of so much to do, manly related with my #1 resolution, and at least that is happening! Then there is this new project I have been working on that has been a lot of time consuming, but hopefully I'll be talking about it here in the future. Oh, and there was that thing about me doing something wrong with my SD card and loosing pretty much all of my January's photos... So, you see, there's no proper answer.

The important thing is... I'm working on it. I alert you that I already have several Pinterest inspired DIYs to share, so stay tuned!

These are the first outfits I'm sharing, from what I take three conclusions:

#1 - I wear too much jeans
#2 - I hate being in front of the camera
#3 - My closet is getting boring!

all photos by us


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