19 January 2012

A pause to play... A silent film

First of all, have you seen my New Year's resolutions post? Call me crazy... but I would love to know what you think about!

Now, to the poin. Just a short one, this time, to share something I've been obsessing about, this week. This is kind of a new music discovery to me, and I say kind of because, oddly enough, even though you can't see me I can assure you I was in among the crowd in that concert you see on the video. Two years and half ago. We were there to see The Dave Matthews band and Chris Cornell, and in between shows we caught the end of this concert, and the encore of this song. I remember enjoying the sound, I remember us talking about how we should search the album to hear. And then... I completely forgot it. Till this week when I came across this video.

Ignore the noises and just enjoy their energy. Make a pause to play it. Loud!

Artist: A Silent film
Song: You will leave a mark
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1 comment:

  1. I think all your new-year's resolutions are perfectly good ideas and nothing mad in sight.

    You're right, great energy in that music! Must have been fantastic to be there...

    Have a lovely evening xo


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