18 November 2011

A pause to play... Dave Matthews Band

Last night's events at home:

Hub passing buy with a laundry basket - Any news? New comments on the blog?

Me on the computer - The usual. Oh, you should come and see the pictures I posted.

Hub talking from the back - So, what song did you post today, uh?

Demon on my right hear - Shit!! Is it thursday??

Demon on my left hear - Let's see... you just arrived home, from a two hour train trip, today was your last working day of the week... Yep. I'ts thursday alright.

Me out loud - Oh, stupid me, I completely forgot! It's blogger's fault! I was supposed to post this yesterday and he just decided (again) we would not work!

Demon on my left hear - Let me get this strait, one hour ago you were making fun at your sister because she thought today was saturday? Are you for real, woman?

Demon on my right hear - SHUT UP!!

Hub passing buy with an empty laundry basket and a naughty smile on his face - So, are you done or what?

Me - But... ain't you got something to do for work tomorrow?

Hub - Nop.

The rest you can guess. We went strait to bed, with me cursing all the way. So, this is how this goes this week. A thursday pause on friday. Oh well... What can I do?

Skipping to that now, without further ado, today I'm sharing one of my favorite bands, and this one might as well be one of my all time favorite songs. So, stop what you're doing, this is a big thing! Two years ago we went see them live at a summer festival. It was a hot july day and we sure appreciated the orange things some company was distributing to wrap our heads with, still I can not help smiling when I see the pictures we took with the cellphone. Happy moments, happy pictures!

Seeing them play live was one of the best experiences I can remember, and this song, wow... everyone singing along word by word. Amazing. They really are extraordinary musicians. So, now that I shared a bit more of the soundtrack of my life, go ahead and make a pause to play it!

Band: Dave Matthews Band
Song: #41
Check out the whole series of thursday's pause to play


  1. Eh, so you missed a day, it happens :). And I could not agree with you more. Seeing DMB live was one of the best concert moments of my life. Them, and Coldplay. The energy of their music and chemistry on stage, as well as the energy of their fans--its amazing.

    Love #41...okay now you have put DMB on my brain--guess I'll be listening to them today--cool.

  2. This sounds like every day in my little corner of the world. Staying home with the kids and a husband who's work schedule changes on a weekly basis, I often forget what day it is. :)

    Love DMB!!! They play every August at an outdoor concert venue 20 minutes away. Always an amazing event.


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