23 December 2011

A pause to play... David Fonseca

Say that the days before Christmas around here are chaotic it's an understatement, but I could not let this week pass without sharing a song, specialy when I love the season's tunes. So I managed to find five minutes for a short post featuring a portuguese artist (another one).

If you're from my generation, when you think of christmas you imediately start humming "last christmas I gave you my heart...", well, I do! And so, here it goes, a cover from that song, and a good one!

And, just because it is Christmas, keep on listening, there are two extra songs, just as good as the first one. I say, this guy should record a Christmas album! David, if you're listening to me, 2012 is the year for you to do it!

Artist: David Fonseca
Song: Last Christmas
Check out the whole series of thursday's pause to play

1 comment:

  1. Hope you had an amazing christmas too! I missed blogging over Christmas so much zonal glad I now have the time to catc up on your posts.


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