17 November 2011

Just a car?

Our dear and faithful Astra, companion of so many trips, is getting old, maybe too old. He gets so tired when the ride is long that he keeps asking for gas. All the time.

We try not to push him more than he can and, whenever we feel like going to faraway places, we borrow one of dad's cars.

And, I must be honest, we dream with a new car. So, now he just started to show a new problem every week, whether is the exhaust pipe that needs replacement or the wipers that stop working out of nowhere...

I wonder, is he trying to get our attention? Did we hurt his feelings?

photo by me
for the 52 Photos Project


  1. Lucky that you can borrow from your dad. It sounds like it's time for a new car!

  2. Your photos really portraye Astra's advanced age (sigh...) nicely. May the right Vespa find you soon!

  3. great posting, and possibly a memorial to Astra!

  4. :0)
    Love this Ines. I'm sure the car has taken you & your husband on many wonderful trips! xo

  5. I've always felt terrible for the cars we've traded in.

  6. I remember selling my first and only car and was so sad to see her go...but then we found out she was clocked which caused us goodness knows how much stress and me arguing over the wording off the contract and then I wasn't so sad!

  7. Tienen mucha suerte en poder pedir prestado un carro a alguno de sus padres.
    Un carro recuerda muchas delas historias de viajes! el mio es una página de aventuras!

  8. Oh I know what you mean, we have a small Toyota starlet, that is still going but every time they check , we are afraid they will tell us it is the end. And we also would like a new one, but I get what you're saying about the car holding memories. Which reminds me of "Los autonautas de la cosmopista" , a story of a road trip through all the gas stations in France over "La route du soleil", where the car was nicknamed as a dragon.



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