15 August 2011

The August Break 2011 - Day 14

How did I forgot yesterday's August Break?

Who am I kidding? This is why:

Yes! You got it right: a real summer sunday afternoon. Who would've thought after waking up yet again for a cloudy rainy day? As we say around here, St. Peter gave us break. The skies opened for a bright sun after lunch and of we went to a river beach near by to end the day. It felt like summer, real summer at last.

Oh, and there were snails...

all photos by me 


  1. Yes, final summer at last. What joy. We had the same, I could even wear a dress.
    I want to try those snails now, I only tried the french version, and those are not marine.

  2. Glad you were able to enjoy some warm, sunny, summer weather! Looks like it was a beautiful day.


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