13 August 2011

The August Break 2011 - Day 13

sea breeze


  1. lady, I am well and truly in love with your blog. your images. everything!

  2. Your photo reminded me of a story,quoting in spanish hope you understand:
    "...—Estaba al borde de un cantero, una flor amarilla cualquiera. Me había detenido a encender un cigarrillo y me distraje mirándola. Fue un poco como si también la flor me mirara, esos contactos, a veces... Usted sabe, cualquiera los siente, eso que llaman la belleza. Justamente eso, la flor era bella, era una lindísima flor. Y yo estaba condenado, yo me iba a morir un día para siempre. La flor era hermosa, siempre habría flores para los hombres futuros."
    It is from Julio Cortazar, you can read it here: http://www.literaberinto.com/Cortazar/unafloramarilla.htm

  3. @Hanna
    Thank you! :)
    You're from Soldeu? I've been there and loved it! It's beatiful...

    Que bonito! You're getting me more and more curious about Julio Cortazar. Love that last line "siempre habría flores para los hombres futuros."

  4. Yes, you should read him. He is all about magic/surreal/out of the extraordinary events happening in random every day life situations (like losing something and then finding it months after). But he is so much more...

  5. Soldeu is the most beautiful place in the world, and I think it has truly been my home all my life. I am living at my parents in England over the summer and I'm just itching for mountains! I'm happy you liked it there! . . .

    Amanda. . . you just provided me with some reading material. thanks!


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