07 January 2012

La vuelta al mundo :: Our Christmas

The day of the Kings is past and with it the holidays season is closed. And... I already miss it! Oh, I just love the twinkling around the house, what can I say? So, there's no need to explain last month theme for La vuelta al mundo.

Here are some photos of our Christmas.

at our little place...

at the streets...

at my parents's home...

and... ending the season singing carols for the three kings

Next year there will be more.

all photos by me


  1. So pretty ! This month I was so intimidated with the beautiful pictures at La vuelta al mundo that I just didn't post any of our Christmas pics.... Most of the photos in the flickr wall look professional.
    The carol singing looks like fun. Is that a typical Kings day tradition in Portugal?

  2. Wow it looks amazing! And I love your plae especially your clock, I would love one like that, I bet you got it somewhere really quirky though so I have no chance of getting anything similar.

  3. Your christmas looked magical. Happy new year!


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