07 November 2011

Where happiness lies

“Know your own happiness. 
Want for nothing but patience -- or give it a more fascinating name: Call it hope.” 

  Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

photo by me


  1. beautiful! I love the quote.. Ines, we must be kindred spirits!

  2. So lovely. Hope is what I need now. Hope you have a good week :) it is Tuesday, so weekend is closer !

  3. I love this quote, it is full of the wisdom and advice I know I should follow!

  4. excellent quote and lovely paired shot.

  5. i love love love this. and that picture is amazing. so glad i found your blog!

  6. That photo is beautiful, and paired with a lovely quote. I took a Jane Austen class semester, and we read each of her works. There are many an inspiring quote in her novels. I actually found your blog through "For the Easily Distracted," but had to stop and comment here because the very first post struck me so well.

    .... now, on to other posts. :)

  7. Welcome Molly and Dawn! Nice to have you here :)


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