22 November 2011

The end is near

So, have you decided what you'll be doing on new year's eve?

We haven't. We actually have no idea of what we want to be doing. We love the whole thing of a little cottage in the middle of the woods, a fireplace... toasted bread and cheese, and a nice bottle of wine. But... then, we do have fireplace at home (I know, it's not the same), and we do nights like this every now and then (again not the same thing, I recon, but it's close), and, we'll be starting a family somewhere in a future not that far, or so says my biological clock, so I'm sure we'll have plenty of time for quiet, relaxed, family celebrations. Right?

There's something kind of magical about starting the year in the streets, surrounded by hundreds of strangers, watching the fireworks... Then, looking at this pictures, I start dreaming of watching the sun go down on the sea for the last time in the year, and starting the new one with my feet on the sand... the fireworks reflecting on the waves... Wouldn't that be great? I thought so.

Are we late for booking something that won't eat out our bank account? And you, what are your plans?

all photos by me


  1. Ohh..I had left you such a long comment and it disappeared. Here we go again. We also love calm evenings at home, but going to a new city, and lights, and fun in the street is always exciting. We are thinking of Luxembourg since a) it is close for us enough to drive and b) neither of us has even been there. Except we are also late with planning and that place is famous for being expensive. Will have to check if we can find some kind of good deal. Let us know what you plan. And those pictures are amazing. Where is that place?

  2. Blogger is acting crazy lately!
    That place is Praia do Amado on the Atlantic cost of the Algarve. It is indeed an amazing place!

  3. this place looks amazing! I think new years will be spent wandering the streets of Los Angeles.. with my camera of course! it will be craziness but fun I'm sure!

    p.s. Ines I send me an email with your address so I can send you the ornament..

  4. This year is the first one when its just me and the husband without being at one of our familys.

    Not sure what our plans are...we might be seeing friends...all I know is if it ends up just the two of us, I'll be happy.

    Champagne with my best friend and maybe a few board games, what more could I wish for?

  5. What beautiful images these are Ines!

  6. Though it's never too early to plan for New Year's Eve I have no plans yet. The only thing I know for sure is that I'll be in Rome.

  7. LOVE these photos! Love how you treated them, the colors are perfect!

    We usually do a party at our place for new year's because we want to spend it with the kids and invite other families as well but since we moved this year I'm not sure what we will be doing. I've already met some other latina families that might be interested in celebrating together, so let's see what happens!
    The streets sounds so much when you can do it, DO it!!!


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