13 October 2011

A pause to play... Feist

There's not much to say about this lady, except that I love her work. It was during wedding prep that I found her and it was instant love. She's probably not new for you, but for me it was. Well, I live in this little corner of the world...

I run into a video (I really have no idea where...) of someone baking a cake, I think, and in the background there was this song playing. It was a sweet tune and I found myself repeating the video just to hear the song once again. Who is this girl? 5 seconds on google and I had her name.

Feist. 1234 was the song but, of course, I needed to hear more. And I found myself in love with her voice, her songs, her performances... to the point that I already bought two of her albums. Yeah, mp3 are cool, but I like to have in my hands the things I love!

Of course one of her songs needed to be part of our wedding soundtrack (yes, I succeeded on infecting my husband with her virus) and this was what I chose:

"... I got a man to stick it out
And make a home from a rented house
And we'll collect the moments one by one
I guess that's how the future's done... "
(from the song "Mushaboom")

Makes sense, right? I thought so. Now, go ahead, make a little pause in this crazy week of yours and play it!

Singer: Feist
Songs: 1234 & Mushaboom
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  1. Oh yes, Feist . Also was an instant love affair, not during wedding planning, but during my last year at university, I heard her on the ipod commercial , I'm sure you saw it ?


    Always discovering songs with those ipod commercials, that's also how I stumbled with Chairlift:


  2. Amanda - chairlift = LOVE
    I've never actually heard this song before, but I love her voice . . . I have a need to have actual disks aswell, I love spending my days in the vintage record shop down our town, so many great finds!

  3. Never seen those commercials! :O
    I'm hearing that chairlift song now, and it sounds good! :)

  4. oh yeah.. love her voice! I actually downloaded the album almost as soon as it came out!

  5. do any of you guys like angus & julia stone.. they're rendition of "you're the one that I want" is one my favorites!!

  6. Oh, thanks Olivia!
    I've never heard that either! I've just googled it. Such beautiful voices! I'm listening 'Draw Your Swords' now. wooow... powerful song!


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