11 October 2011

Family photo session

Matilde is my brother Bernardo's girl, and she just adopted this two cuties. I tell you right now, these are two lucky puppies! Mischa and Sookie were abondoned when born and probably mistreated, for some reason they appeared to be really afraid of human beings. They were found eating raw potatoes at her father's garden, and were sick and malnourished. Now look at them, so happy!

After an afternoon picking chestnuts we went for a walk at the top of the mountain where we could see the sun setting on the horizon. With the perfect setting I indulged myself shooting photos of the cute "family". Perfect for practicing our skills, right?

all photos by me


  1. great session! those are two lucky dogs, mine were both mistreated pups before we got them and now they are spoiled and fat :) where do you get your blog templates? or do you do them yourself?

  2. Oh, soooo cute!!! Very lucky pups.

    My Amelia was a rescue. She was so underweight and physically abused. It took a good two years of me working with her to let her realize she's safe and can be happy. It was so worth the effort. Now she's spoiled and rules the house. :)

  3. Hi Olivia!
    I did my blog template, and I do it for others too. If you need help just say so :) I don't mind helping other people to show my work.

    My cat, Frida, was abandoned in a shoe box over the rain. For the first two years or so, she wouldn't let anyone go near her and she would only lay on my lap. Now she is the sweetest cat! It is so rewarding to feel they are happy with us!


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