06 September 2011


Today I feel uninspired. Probably I'm just tired, or is this thing of being paid to be inspired all the time that dries my head from time to time. Whatever. I don't know what to write, still, I feel the need to share it with you, is this nonsense?

I have several posts planned and started on drafts, but today is not the day to finish anything.  I can promisse you, though, that following the started thursday's series a pause to play, more series will come. I can only say that it involves wedding stuff, travels and more about the place where I'm from. If you're brave enough to put up with my nonsense from time to time, hold on.

photo by me


  1. I'm brave! I enjoy nonsense sometimes.

    You'd probably laugh it I told you how many posts I have in draft. I have the ideas, just haven't had that little extra needed to finish them. Someday I will. :)

  2. You are way ahead of me...I don't have any posts in draft as I never get that far...and I think a little nonsense is good for the soul! xx

  3. Oh I am so late here. But, it is not nonsense. And I am eagerly waiting for all those series coming. And wow you have drafts. Mark read it and he was like seee ? You should plan ahead. I had to explain him that it is all in my mind. He is so organized.

  4. ahaha! you two make a fun couple! :) I'm not that organized either. I just have more ideas than I can handle!


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